Quality-labels reward for Babymoov innovations

Label Parents

The editors of Parents magazine annually awards its seal of approval for the baby equipment according to 3 criteria: innovation, security and convenience items.

Baby Innovation Award

Child Magazine has labeled the best products for baby and childcare articles! Discover the products selected by Child Magazine Babymoov.

Low emission

Mobile phones, Wi-fi, baby monitors… there are so many things emitting radio waves around your baby. Our babies are more sensitive to wave exposure: their brain, still in development,absorbs 60% more waves than an adult. The consequences of this wave exposure stirs up many concerns.

That is why BABYMOOV GETS INVOLVED by offering a complete range of baby monitors whose transmission power doesn’t exceed 10mW (analogical models), against 250mW used by some digital technologies.

Patent pending

Todo Papas

Le magazine espagnol Todo Papas décerne chaque année son label aux produits les plus innovants de l'univers bébé. Notre Chaise Haute Slim a remporté le label décerné par les jeunes parents, et le Nutribaby le label décerné par un jury de professionnels !

Best time Saving product

Silver Best time Saving Product - Loved by parents awards

Best Household Appliance

Gold Best Household Appliance Product - Loved by parents awards

Best Kitchen Appliance

Gold Best Kitchen Appliance Product - Loved by parents awards

Mommy Award 2013

Mother & Baby Innovation Award 2014 Bronze

Babymoov had received the "Bronze Mother & Baby Innovation Award 2014" on category "feeding product for weaning"

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